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    Ecological company held after the National Day holiday and key work deployment meeting[2023-10-24]
    On October 7, the ecological company held a post-holiday retreat and key work deployment meeting to listen to the recent progress of work and arrange the deployment of key work in the fourth quarter。 The meeting pointed out that the fourth quarter is a key node in the sprint of the annual task, do a good job in the fourth quarter of the work, the real...
    Ecological company held 2023 Mid-Autumn Festival, National Day before the education warning meeting[2023-10-24]
    In order to further strictly implement the work requirements of the construction of Party style and clean government, constantly enhance the awareness of honesty and self-discipline of party members, cadres and employees, and create a festival atmosphere of clean and clean air。On September 28, the Party branch of the ecological company organized party members and cadres to hold warning education before the Mid-Autumn Festival National Day at home...
    Have a "political birthday" to recall the original heart[2023-10-24]
    Ecological company organized the pre-holiday safety and environmental protection work deployment meeting[2023-10-24]
    On September 28, the ecological company organized a pre-holiday safety and environmental protection work deployment meeting。会议学习了习近平总书记关于Safe production和生态保护重要论述和批示指示精神,传达了集团公司9月26日第四次安委会(扩大)会议...
    Ecological company to carry out middle-level leader role cognition and positioning course training[2023-10-24]
    On September 26, the ecological company carried out the role cognition and positioning course training for middle-level leaders。 This training specially invited the UK - Bozan Mind map - certified manager, MTP-TTT Japan Industrial Training Association - authorized instructor, AACTP certified international registered trainer Teacher Li Xiuping...
    Ecological company held the implementation of the province's safety production supervision and inspection work deployment meeting[2023-09-18]
    In order to implement the spirit of the provincial safety production work conference on August 22, we will do a good job in the supervision and inspection of safety production in the province in the near future。 On September 12, the ecological company held a meeting to implement the supervision and inspection work of safety production in the province。 The meeting conveyed learning from the provincial Safety Committee...
    The ecological company organized a special audit meeting[2023-09-12]
    In order to effectively rectify the problems of the audit report of the provincial Audit Office and ensure the smooth passage of the on-site inspection and acceptance of the provincial Audit Office, according to the requirements of the notice of the preliminary audit and rectification work of the Group company, the ecological company organized a special meeting of the company's audit on September 8。 Meeting, finance...
    Recently, Shaanxi Environmental Protection Group Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. found on the network about Shaanxi Environmental Protection Group Construction Engineering Co., LTD., the use of Hanzhong City Yang County Jiangnan urban and rural water supply integration project fraudulant deposit information。 After verification, the above projects and Shaanxi environmental protection set...
    The sanitation company conveys the spirit of Learning Group's "Three years" activity and focuses on the annual task promotion meeting[2023-08-23]
    Recently, the sanitation company held a special meeting to convey the spirit of the learning Group's three years of activities to promote the meeting, and made arrangements to implement the spirit of the meeting in combination with the company's production and operation。 Meeting requirements, first, all cadres and staff to effectively improve the standing,...
    Good news!The construction company of Eco Company won the bid 2.200 million industrial sewage treatment projects[2023-08-18]
    Recently, the construction company of the ecological company successfully won the bid for the second phase EPC general contract project of the sewage treatment plant of Xinmin high-end Energy and Chemical Park in Binzhou City, with the bid amount of 2.More than 200 million yuan。The project covers an area of 18 acres, and the sewage treatment capacity of the park will be increased from 5000m/d to 100 after completion...
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